Sunday, 6 January 2013

Libby and Jay- 8th December 2012

Libby and Jay were married on 8th Dec 2012 at Openlands Auroa- and boy did the weather really turn it on for them!! I loved every aspect of this wedding.....we both have very similar when libby pretty much left the flowers up to me, i was super excited!! The only stipualtions were- 'One blue Iris in my bouquet- Bridemaids to have a bit of Orange"!! And i was pretty much left to it!! Libby wanted some venue decorations, which were lantens, Pom poms and Bunting, and the table arrangements were groupling of vintage vases, which Libby and her Mum had been collecting for the few months prior.
Thanks a million Libby and Jay for letting me be a part of your special day, i loved every single minute!! Photography: Kate Souter Photography & Design Venue: Openlands- Auroa Flowers: ME! (Wishing Well Flowers)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Jess and Carl's Wedding

oooooohhhh i get all excited when on a monday morning i open my email to find some gorgeous wedding photos!!  Jess and Carl were married back in Feb, in Jess's parents garden, at Matapu . They had gone to so much work to get the garden looking perfect for the day- it was a real shame the weather wasnt the best, it was a rather windy day!...But the day was still perfect, the bride looked stunning, and everyone had a blast, so all in all the weather didnt worry anyone!
I had heaps of fun decorating the garden with jars hanging from trees with pink and white mini gerbera in them, a gorgeous arch which was decorated with beautiful pinks and whites to tone in with the theme of the day.  The Arch entrance which Jess's Dad had built, was decorated with Vintage bunting and flowers, it looked soft and pretty.

Jess's flowers were a posy of white mini gerbera....simplistic elegance.....

the bridemaids had 3 pink mini gerbera each.............


Gorgeous photos, gorgeous couple!!  Thanks for letting me create your flowers for your big day!!!  xx
Photography by:  Amanda Carter Photography

Monday, 11 June 2012

Paddy and Raewyns Soccer Wedding...

When browsing through my wedding flowers albums i came accross Paddy and Raewyns Photos!  OMG i thought, this wedding was over a year ago and i still havent done a wee blog on their day!!  Better late than never i guess!!  I was super lucky to not only create the flowers for their big day, but also attend the wedding!!  Its not often you get to do both, so it was extra special for me, to see the complete finished product- bride looking stunning.......bridesmaids a picture.........and groom and his boys looking sharp!  Paddy and Raewyn are right into their it was really fitting that their ceremony was held at their local Soccer Club under the goal posts!!  It was a really relaxed fun day........the wedding party even played soccer while photos were getting taken!!  Classic!!  Raewyn wanted Phalaenopsis Orchids for her and the bridesmaids flowers, trailing for hers and posy style for the bridesmaids.  The bridesmaids were black, and the boys had lime/apple green ties!  A lovely wedding..........

Thanks Guys for letting be be a part of your special day!!  x

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Michelles Wedding!

Back in March i finally got to meet the Gorgeous Michelle.  She flew in the week before her wedding from we had been doing quite a bit of emailing before this discussing her wedding flowers.  She didnt really know what she wanted.....something casual and elegant, and maybe calla lillies??      This morning i arrived at work to find some lovely photos in my email and some lovely words from her.......

"Hey Katherine,

Gosh, I've only just remembered to do this. I've attached some photo's from the day. Thanks so much for working with my vagueness. I had so many good comments on how beautiful the flowers were. I was so happy with them as well. 

Thanks heaps!"

Thanks Michelle for your gorgeous photos, and for letting me create your flowers for you special day! x

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Katie O' Neill Foto!

I had a lovely wee phone call from the gorgeous Katie, from Katie O'Neill foto the other day asking if i would like some photos sent through of a wedding i did the flowers for earlier in the year.....and that she took the photos for!!  Katie is a pretty cool chick.......i always know its her on the phone by her very strong 'Amercian Accent'!  She is based in New Plymouth now... and really has a way with the camera.......i love her vintage style and colour contrast she uses.......Go check her out at

Thanks Katie for the gorgeous photos of Olivia and Mikeys really did the flowers justice with your camera!!  xxxx

Monday, 30 April 2012

A Visit from Scotland!!

Inbetween a  hectic couple of months, getting sorted in the new shop, valentines day, weddings- we had a fantastic visit from Kimberly Scott from Little Botanica, Glasgow!  Kim Arrived on the 23rd Januray just in time to help me open up the new shop, and lend a helping hand with every day to day flowers and the overflow of weddings we had at that time!!  Poor Kim, i think i may have worked her to the bone, and she was probably glad to go home and not be getting up at 'the early wee hours' that i had her getting up at!!  Days went quick while she was here, and we had many a laugh while she was here..........sometimes a 'detour ' on the way home to take her to the beach, or whether it be to some interesting places i thought she would like.......time was limited so i wanted to show her as much of our lovely Taranaki that i could!!  First weekend we managed a trip to Rotorua and Taupo, the luge, and plenty of bubbly hot mud pools!!  We saw rainbow trout and got to feed a few Donkeys and goats, which i am sure she had seen before, but nevertheless was still fun!!  Kim loves Trees, and she constantly had her camera out snaping shots of trees,  trunks, bark and numerous other interesting native NZ flora and fauna! We even managed to get her in some overalls and get her milking the cows!!   

We miss you so much Kim- it was so fantastic having you here, i cant believe you have been home back in Scotland for nearly 3 months!  Cant wait till our next adventures!!!  xx Hopefully sooner rather than later!!  xx

Friday, 27 April 2012

Maryse's stunning Black and White Wedding

Some people dont like carnations- well i can tell you i totally LOVE THEM!!  So, when Maryse came to me to create her wedding flowers and explained to me what she wanted i was super excited!!  "No green , just black and white'.  A tight ball of white carnations, with a few diamantes throughout the flowers complemented her AMAZING wedding dress perfectly!!    Im sure you will all agree.......Carnations are pretty darn awesome!!!xx

Thanks Maryse!!!  They were totally worth the wait!! x