Monday, 5 December 2011

Vintage Neclaces!

Ok, so i have to admit i am totally not really a neclace person, they always seem to get in the way, and too many times i have ended up chopping one in half when it has been dangling in my bunch of flowers!  But....when i came accross these neclaces i totally fell in "LOVE"!  They are so unique and vintage inspired that i had to have them!!!   Im sure you will love them too!!  And for the first time in years......i am actually wearing a necklace!!!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Fantastic New Website!!

Do you have family in the UK and dont know what to do for them for christmas??
Check out these fantstic gift hampers, available for delivery in the UK.

Yay, so finally my new website is up and running!!  I never knew how much information i would need to provide, and write up to get this underway, its definitely not something i want to do again in a hurray!!  But, in saying that i am so super stoked with he results and think it gives a pretty good indication to what i am about, what i love and what we do!!  So go check me out and let me know what you think!!  I will try and update the photos etc on it on a regular basis, ........well thats the plan, but being the busy bee i am, im sure it may not get done as ofen as i would like!!!  I cannot wait to start adding photos of some stunning weddings i am doing early next year, and one in paticular that i am sooooooo excited to be doing........this bride has the same taste as myself, so im going to let loose on the decorating of her venue!!  Hope she loves it as much as i hope she will!!!    And during the busy time of wedding season, christmas and new years, i have a new shop to decorate and move into!!  PHEW, i think a few wines will be calling around this time!!  All good though, i love being a busy busy!!!  So keep and eye out on my website, facebook page and on here as i will let ya all know when i am shifted so you can come check out my new shop!!!  Untill then, if i dont get to blog again, have a fantastic christmas and new year, be safe and enjoy your time with your loved ones!!! 
Katherine xxxxx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Kelston and Ransom Wedding Culzean Castle!!

A few pro shots of Kelston and Ransoms wedding at Culzean Castle in July.  Im sure you will agree, the venue was just amazing!!!

THE BRIDE:  Kelston

Wrist Corsages

Thought this was a stunning picture, i love the Chair!

Beautiful flowers, the colours were GORGEOUS!!

Dont they look lovely!!! 

Beautiful Bridal Party, wasnt that a venue!!!

Reception room.  Stunning!!  A fantastic wedding!!!!

Wee Cuties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the wee cuties that have arrived in store!!!  Super cute!!!  I especially LOVE the Bunting!!!!!!

In store NOW!!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Beautiful Scottish People!!XX

My fantasic hosts, Alan and Kim x (Alan, workaholic/footy/piano player extrodinare!) Kim-(I love to eat, and i love wine, and i love Rolled Sausage!!!!)  Me too!!x

Massage Extrodinaires Bec and Sarah!!Biking is fun!!  Not!!  Bec and Sarah looking rather pleased that they have arrived at the lunch stop on the 2nd day biking around Arran- Kim and myself decided it was in our best interests to take the van on this stage of the ride!!  hehe

Leanne " i spot a ghost in the Douglas"  Thanks Leanne!!  Thanks for snoring the WHOLE night as well!!  lol x

Anthony and Martha- I will make you the best cocktail ever.....did you just pour petrol into our glasses??x
Lorna and Sarah - Lorna-Chef on Arran- i hate corn!!

Wee Becca on her first day of school!!  x

                                                    Graeme "i can fix anything' Mcnulty

Lorna and Clare-Only met Clare couple of times, think she works at a pool?  Sure she told us a story about a 'code brown' somewhere along the line!!!  hehe  And she is a Scorpio so she must rock!! x
Cat- i drink gin stright out of the bottle!!  Well not quite but far out that was a STRONG GIN!!! 

A few people, who i met on my trip, showed me around, showed me great food, great wine and basically were just the best people you could ever wish to meet!!!  Life long friends for sure!!!
                     Sorry if i missed anyone out, could not find pictures!!!xxx(Stephen Wales!!)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Scotland I LOVE YOU!!

Now, i thought it was well overdue, so here are some fantastic photos of my Scotland /London tripping around, pretty boring really, but you get the idea of me LOVING old buildings!!
Wee Beccas, awesome playhouse she got for her 5th Brithday!!!  I had a few tea partys in here as well!!!

My Scottish Home.x

Fountain in the park accross from my Scottish Home!

Alans sports car!!  He even said i could drive it........i declined, too much traffic for me!!!!!

Glasgow town Square (i think!!)

Glasgow Science and Technology Centre, or the "Armadillo"!!!

Shop Gorgeousness xx

Just a few picutures of some random gorgousness in the shop!!!  Although the last photo is of some gorgeous vintage table arrangements that we done in the West Brewery, Glasgow, Scotland!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My other Love.........

Apart from flowers, my other love in life would have to be china, old vintage china, tea cups and anything else old with a story behind it................but my current love would have to be Pip Studio China!!!  New but old!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!  I will let you guys be the judge!!!xxxx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Natalie & Jason - July 2011 - Stolen From the Fantastic Kim From Little Botanica- one of the weddings i helped to create when in Scotland!!

Natalie and Jason married at St Ninian's Church, Knightswood and celebrated their day at The Cruin, Loch Lomond. It started as a bit of a rainy day but that did not stop Natalie's natural beauty shinning!

The colouring of the day was lovely soft shades of pink, white and champagne!
Natalie held a petite bouquet of avalanche and sweet avalanche roses, Calla lilies, enchinops and gypsophilla. She is a stunning bride in her beautifully fitted gown, her bouquet complements her beautiful natural look perfectly.

At the Cruin we delicately decorated the venues candelabra creating a soft and natural look in keeping with Natalie's style.

Natalie's photographer was Suzanne Hodgson at Natural Weddings.

Congratulations Natalie & Jason!

I remember this day well as i was feeling terrible this day, had the flu really bad and was feeling sick all the time, i even think this was the day when Kim sent me outside to get some fresh air when we were doing the bouquets because i thought i was going to be sick!!!  Delayed Jet lagg is not good!!!!!!!  A good lunch from M&S saved the day i think!!!!