Monday, 30 April 2012

A Visit from Scotland!!

Inbetween a  hectic couple of months, getting sorted in the new shop, valentines day, weddings- we had a fantastic visit from Kimberly Scott from Little Botanica, Glasgow!  Kim Arrived on the 23rd Januray just in time to help me open up the new shop, and lend a helping hand with every day to day flowers and the overflow of weddings we had at that time!!  Poor Kim, i think i may have worked her to the bone, and she was probably glad to go home and not be getting up at 'the early wee hours' that i had her getting up at!!  Days went quick while she was here, and we had many a laugh while she was here..........sometimes a 'detour ' on the way home to take her to the beach, or whether it be to some interesting places i thought she would like.......time was limited so i wanted to show her as much of our lovely Taranaki that i could!!  First weekend we managed a trip to Rotorua and Taupo, the luge, and plenty of bubbly hot mud pools!!  We saw rainbow trout and got to feed a few Donkeys and goats, which i am sure she had seen before, but nevertheless was still fun!!  Kim loves Trees, and she constantly had her camera out snaping shots of trees,  trunks, bark and numerous other interesting native NZ flora and fauna! We even managed to get her in some overalls and get her milking the cows!!   

We miss you so much Kim- it was so fantastic having you here, i cant believe you have been home back in Scotland for nearly 3 months!  Cant wait till our next adventures!!!  xx Hopefully sooner rather than later!!  xx

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